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UMC 2019 General Conference Prayer Vigil

36 catherine hall studios pam costa cohort gift session

Created by Rev. Alyss M. Swanson Contact

Take an hour to pray for our church, it's delegates and episcopacy over the four days of the 2019 General Conference on human sexuality.

Help support God's wish for our church by praying our way forward during the 2019 Special General Conference. Let us vigilantly pray for our delegates; that they each may hear the Holy Spirit and allow its voice to be their voice during those four days of discernment and decision. Two-hour blocks of time have been set aside for you to pray in your home. If you can't do an hour but can support some part of that please consider inviting a friend to augment your time. Invite others to join your prayer vigil and set aside brief times to share and reflect on LGBTQ+ people in the church. Jesus is alive, and he is building his church (Matt. 16:18). Let us "follow him" in building a church founded on radical hospitality that is inclusive and loving to all his creation.

Date and location

Event Dates

Cal purple Saturday, February 23, 2019, from 7:00am to 11:59pm