Front Range Patrolling 2023-2024


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NEW: Please enter your trailhead in comments. Use BRAINARD, EAST PORTAL, ROCK CREEK, CARIBOU, CONEY FLATS, or OTHER.

A leader signs up for a patrol they will lead. Other patrollers sign up for the patrol described by the leader.
As an example, if you want to lead a patrol  for Sunday December 5th starting from the Ned cache:
> click December 5th
> click the "Sign Up" button next to "Ned Patrol with SPOT 1"
> describe the patrol you want to lead in the comments, and include trailhead (choose options: BRAINARD, EAST PORTAL, ROCK CREEK CARIBOU, CONEY FLATS, or OTHER)
For example:
"CARIBOU. Meet at Ned Fire Dept at 0900 to pick up gear and sign the patrol log.
Carpool and launch from Caribou trailhead for laps on Bald Mountain.
<> (715)588-3240 if your plans change"
In general terms leaders specify:
meetup time and location
trailhead and route
contingency and leader contact info
Other patrollers meeting up for "Ned Patrol with SPOT 1" on "Decembrer 5th, use the "Sign Up" button and enter their information so the leader knows who is joining in.
Backcountry Coordinators will check who is signed up for each patrol.
Each patroller should sign up separately, but we will look for other names in the comments.
Be sure to coordinate with the leader if joining the patrol late etc..
We have 3 SPOTX units and patrols are named after the SPOT unit each patrol should use if possible.

Date and location

Event Dates

Cal purple Wednesday, December 6, 2023, from 9:00am to 4:00pm - Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Event location Pick up Gear at Ward or Nederland Fire Departments, [Nederland Fire Department is at West 4th Street, Nederland, CO, USA]
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