COVID-19 Vaccine Signup

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Please sign up for your COVID-19 vaccine below.

Do you qualify? Please read the following to determine if you qualify:
You qualify if you:
  • Are a doctor, nurse, or work in a hospital
  • Are a first responder 
  • Are over age 65
  • Live in a retirement facility
Please note that you will need to stay on premises (socially distanced) for 15 minutes following your vaccine to ensure that you have no allergic reaction (which is extremely rare). If you have had allergic reactions to vaccines in the past, you will need to stay on premises for observation for 30 minutes following your vaccine.
Preparing for your vaccine:
  • Wear clothing that allows you to easily expose your upper arm.
  • Please review the information on the CDC website regarding vaccines by clicking here. We will be administering the Moderna vaccine.
  • Please download the following three documents. Print them, and fill them out before your appointment. If you do not fill them out in advance, your appointment will take longer, but we will have copies for you fill out on-site.
Materials to Download and Complete:
We look forward to seeing you!

Date and location

Event Dates

Cal purple Monday, January 10, 2022, from 9:00am to 4:30pm - Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Event location Conference Room 7, 39495 South 1st Street, Milwaukee, WI, USA
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