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We will create the phrase "WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER" by having each participant choose an available letter by signing up below.

Each letter should be created on a 11" wide x 17" high sheet of poster paper (two 8 1/2 x 11" sheets of copy paper taped together will do in a pinch), cardboard, art paper or other creative medium.  Create your chosen letter large on the surface and decorate however you wish.  Have the letter to stand out boldly against the background.  Then when finished have someone take a photo of you next to the letter and e-mail that image to imichael14@yahoo.com.  These will then be arranged into the above phrase and posted on the Olympic Climate Action website Inspire page.
The sign-up is open until all letters have been claimed.  Done in the convenience and safety of your own home.  We look forward to joining together as a virtual community through this creative & fun group effort!
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