Fremont Prays - Monthly Prayer Watch


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A monthly, 24hr public Prayer Watch where followers of Jesus Christ intercede for the county.

This is an online, virtual Prayer Watch where you choose a time and pray for one or more hours for your county.
This group prays for the people and the 8 spheres of society in the county. The spheres include family, church, education, marketplace, government, arts/entertainment, media and first responders.
The Monthly Prayer Watch starts on the 3rd Saturday at 6pm and ends at 6pm the next day. 
Please choose one or more 60 minute time slots for your Prayer Promise from either the first day or second day timeslots for the month.  You can change your Prayer Promise later as needed.  
You can complete your Prayer Promise, at the time you chose, on your own or with another person via phone, zoom or in person.
To help guide your prayer time, the monthly Colorado Prays Prayer Digest can be downloaded at

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Cal purple Saturday, February 19, 2022, from 6:00pm to 12:00am - Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Event location Virtual

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